Panto 2021/22

Quinn Patrick plays Polly La Plonk in Beauty and the Beast (Floral Pavilion, New Brighton)

Thomas Redgrave plays Gaston in Beauty and the Beast (Pomegrate, Chesterfield)

Lauren Ellis-Steele plays Sarge in Robin Hood (Lanternhouse, Cumbernauld)

Daniel Harriott plays Charlie in Mother Goose (Octagon, Yeovil)

Anna Murray is in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Grand Theatre, Swansea)

Ruth Betteridge plays Emily in Peter Pan: The Return of Captain Hook (Pavilion, Bournemouth)

Tom Self is Rehearsal MD + wrote the music and lyrics for Aladdin (Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch), plus is MD for Peter Pan (Malvern Theatre)

Sara Morley is in Aladdin (New Theatre, Cardiff).