Photograph of Jonathan Holby - Fight Director

Jonathan Holby

Jonathan is Fight Director on the UK Tour of Sleepy Hollow.

Washington Irving’s classic tale has been adapted by acclaimed playwright Philip Meeks, and sees one of the most terrifying monsters from the horror canon released on stage – the Headless Horseman.

This edge-of-the-seat experience will tour theatres across the UK later this year.

With Hallowmas fast approaching, Sleepy Hollow simmers with anticipation. Arriving as the new teacher, Ichabod Crane finds himself embroiled in the secrets and unsettling traditions of the locals. However, all is not as it seems. When disturbing events overwhelm the small town, he finds himself swept up in a dangerous mystery which leaves him doubting his own sanity.

Transforming the American Dream into the American Gothic, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow unleashes terror on the stage, in a heart-pounding visual masterpiece.