The Feed

Beverley Longhurst

Beverley appears in new series The Feed.

The Feed is the new dystopian psychological thriller that fans of Black Mirror and Years And Years will love. Based on Nick Clark Windo’s debut novel of the same name, it will be available exclusively in the UK on the Virgin TV Ultra HD channel.

The series takes place in a not-too-distant future London and follows the fortunes of the Hatfield family. Lawrence Hatfield (David Thewlis from the Harry Potter films) is the inventor of The Feed, a kind of technology that almost everyone has chosen to have implanted into their brain.

Memories, thoughts and feelings can be shared through it and full-blown conversations can be had without so much as uttering a word. Want to listen to your favourite song? Not a problem. You can do that through The Feed too. In fact, you can do practically everything without having to move a muscle.

So far, so good – except when everything starts to go south. The Feed is not impenetrable from hacks and when it goes down, people who have grown to rely on it completely don’t know how to cope.