Photograph of Jonathan Holby - Fight Director

Jonathan Holby

Jonathan is Fight Director on Lit at Nottingham Playhouse.

“I’m making him work for it. Got him to buy me a pack of Tangfastics and a can of Lilt before I showed him my tits.”

The problem with love is that it’s different for everyone. For Bex, love is a handjob in detention and the promise of a date at a Chinese buffet. She doesn’t even like Chinese.

Lit explores the turbulent teenage years of a Nottingham girl looking for love in all the wrong places.

Originally commissioned by HighTide, Lit writer Sophie Ellerby revives a proud British tradition by placing complex, working-class people at the heart of her work. Sophie is an actor and writer, and the spark of Lit came from her experience studying young women and mothers in the prison system.