Claire Cordier

Claire Cordier films the role of Jill in short film My Brother is a Mermaid. The film has been nominated for Best Short at the Iris Film Festival.

My Brother is a Mermaid is a 20 minute magical realist drama, about the unconditional love and admiration of a younger brother for their transgender sibling. 7 year old Kuda desperately wants the time and attention of his 15 year old brother – Kai. Kai brings magic into Kuda’s life; inventing games and taking Kuda surfing on the vast craggy beaches that surround their run-down coastal town.

My Brother is a Mermaid follows Kuda’s imaginative journey as he discovers that his sibling is transgender. Whilst their mum, Jill, and the local community pressure Kai to be, in their words, ‘normal’, Kuda remains determined to support Kai and discover her mermaid secrets. As Kai fights against the expectation of gender conformity, Kuda’s innocence, indifference to gender norms, and unconditional love proves to be a powerful and disruptive force for good in the face of fear and prejudice. Ultimately it is the story of an unchanging relationship of love between siblings, whilst one of them goes through the biggest personal change of their lives.